Are your “hour” sessions really a full 60 minutes?

Yes!  From the time the therapist starts the massage until s/he finishes is a full 60 minutes for an hour session; a full 30 minutes for a half hour session; a full 90 minutes for an hour and a half session and a full 120 minutes for a 2 hour session.

How long should I schedule for my session?

The minimum amount of time needed for a full body massage is 60 minutes. We recommend, however, that if you want a full body massage to schedule at least a 75 minute session.  This allows the therapists to spend extra time on the very tense muscle areas.  If you schedule a 90 minute massage, it would allow 30 minutes for the areas that need extra work.

Do I have to jump up and rush to get out of the room after my session?

No.  We allow 15 minutes between sessions so that you have time to relax and appreciate your experience, as well as time for the therapists to give you feedback and suggestions for self care between your massage appointments.

Will your body wraps and scrubs help me lose weight?

Despite some claims to the contrary, no. You may lose water weight the day of the wrap, but there is no permanent weight loss.

Does a body wrap or scrub draw out toxins from my body?

There is no proof that body wraps and scrubs draw out toxins. As far as we know, the detoxifying ingredients in body wraps are not able to penetrate beyond your skin, nor draw out toxins from your other organs. However, body wraps and scrubs are very beneficial for your body’s largest organ – the skin. Please read the descriptions for our services to discover the benefits.

What is a “gentle touch specialty” massage?

All too often we overlook the benefit of simple, gentle, rhythmic, nurturing touch. For clients who are frail, post surgery, or after a fall or injury, this type of massage may be the just what the doctor ordered. This technique is simple – but not easy and it takes much concentration and focus to do it well.

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